I'm a trail runner and JavaScript developer located in Bend, Oregon. I work with Vue, Node, and WordPress. Find out more About Me. Please check my Résumé and Contact Me if you’re interested in working together.

What is this site? It's my Digital Garden. In short, it's an evolving and expanding set of notes I try to keep about everything I do. Find out How this site is built.

Outdoors, I spend a lot of time 📘 Running on trails and 📘 Fastpacking when I can. I also 📘 MYOG ("Make your own gear") a lot of the items I use. Want to track my running? Follow me on Strava.

I also keep notes about the 📘 News Articles I find important. You can follow me on BookWyrm (a fediverse service) to track the books I've been reading.

Posts and Notes

Start with my more refined posts below, or view all Notes, many of which are simply "notes to self" containing information that I've been working on lately.