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I attempt to keep links to articles with lasting relevance and I weed them out from time to time if I feel their time has come and gone.



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Trump Didn’t Go to Michigan to Support Autoworkers September 28, 2023
Pangea Ultima Is a Bleak Vision of Earth’s Future September 25, 2023
Trump Suggests That Mark Milley Deserves Execution September 25, 2023
Are Energy Chews Actually Better Endurance Fuel than Gummy Bears? September 18, 2023
The Agony of the School Car Line September 18, 2023
Don't Spy On Your Kids' Phones September 16, 2023
Study Shows Ultrarunners Exhibit An Increased Risk For Exercise Dependency September 16, 2023
The Only Productivity Hack That Works on Me September 16, 2023
How To Mark A Book September 15, 2023
How to Annotate Books When You're Reading For Fun - the wordy habitat September 15, 2023
Richard Hanania and the Allure of Racist Pseudoscience September 15, 2023
Actual Indoctrination Comes to Public Schools September 13, 2023
How Kevin McCarthy's unilateral impeachment inquiry could backfire September 12, 2023
How American Democracy Fell So Far Behind September 08, 2023
The Fourteenth Amendment Fantasy August 30, 2023
Pyramid Schemes Are Illegal. MLMs Are Not. What About the Tech That Powers Them? – The Markup August 24, 2023
What Bradley Cooper’s Makeup in ‘Maestro’ Can’t Conceal August 24, 2023
Trump Is Constitutionally Prohibited From the Presidency August 20, 2023
The American Evangelical Church is in Crisis. There's Only One Way Out. July 25, 2023
Oregon Tried a Bold Experiment in Drug Policy. Early Results Aren’t Encouraging. July 20, 2023
Despite What the Logging Industry Says, Cutting Down Trees Isn't Stopping Catastrophic Wildfires July 18, 2023
Sound of Freedom wants to raise awareness about child trafficking. Here’s what it’s really doing. July 14, 2023
Climate denialism has burnt to a crisp July 09, 2023
Here's what happened when affirmative action ended at California public colleges June 30, 2023
Eat More MSG—You Know, for Your Health May 20, 2023
Tim Keller: How American Christianity Could Grow Again February 05, 2023
A record high number of dead trees are found as Oregon copes with an extreme drought January 11, 2023
The Brutal Alternate World in Which the U.S. Abandoned Ukraine December 22, 2022
The Far Right Is Getting What It Asked For December 02, 2022
How to address antisemitic rhetoric when you encounter it December 01, 2022
Why Is Booz Allen Renting Us Back Our Own National Parks? November 30, 2022
What the Bible Says About Social Media November 22, 2022
What Is Contrition Without Reparation? November 15, 2022
Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty October 31, 2022
Big Money Bought the Forests. Small Logging Communities Are Paying the Price. October 16, 2022
Mask-wearing reduces COVID incidence by 53%, study shows October 16, 2022
What actually is critical race theory anyway? October 16, 2022
Why White Voters With Racist Views Often Still Support Black Republicans October 16, 2022
Come along as we connect the dots between climate, migration and the far-right October 03, 2022