About Me

Well, first I was born. I’m from the beautiful Oregon coastal city of Coos Bay. I grew up in a running-crazy family and ran cross country and track for Marshfield High School with some success.

I then attended Willamette University in Salem, continuing to compete in long-distance running while majoring in music. I got married to my wife Evelyn and lived in Salem for several years. We have a daughter, Hanna, and currently live in Bend, Oregon. I do a lot of running, hiking, generally being outdoors, etc.

Over time I’ve built my web skills; first as a hobby, then transitioning to freelance jobs. In 2011 I became Web Designer / Developer at Opt-e-Web, handling all website design and development work, planning and organizing projects, and communicating with clients. In 2014 I left Opt-e-Web and joined Pro Q as a web developer. This role started strongly focused on WordPress website and plugin development, but shifted over time toward full-stack JavaScript web applications.

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