The Simplest Sass / Flexbox Grid Ever

Until CSS Grid layout arrives, Flexbox is our best option for layouts.

Here’s a very simple set of SASS mixins to make it easy to build simple grids without needing a huge framework (even though I totally love Foundation). Even though a framework makes a lot of things simple, it’s overkill for 90% of the page layout work that I actually do in my job.

For me, the perfect grid system…

  • … is lightweight
  • … has columns that are flush to the edge of the container, with a gutter in between, and customizable padding inside
  • … allows an arbitrary number of columns in the container, with optionally wrapping elements to new lines
  • … makes it easy to resize columns individually

If I can do those things, I can build most layouts that I get from a designer.

The concept is simple, but a bit different than your traditional 12-column grid. In this system, you decide on the fly how many columns to have in your grid:

[row] { @include _fg(6); } // six columns

At this point, each child will use 1/6 of the available width of the container (with gutters in between). Want a particular child to use more – like 2/3 of the available width? Here’s how to do that:

.box { @include _fg_width(2/3); }

This will push subsequent items further out of the way, so they’ll wrap differently.

Edit 1/29/2017

The previous versions of this post featured all the code along with usage. But after a pretty major update to this mixin over the last couple days, I’ve decided it’s not a good idea to keep the code in this post as I’ll have to keep updating it. So instead of supplying all code here, I have it all available for you on Github: along with usage and documentation.

Please feel free to play with it and try it in your projects. Then, let me know what improvements need to be made! I would be particularly interested in documentation improvements too.

The big change that just happened is that we’ve augmented the _fg() mixin to accept a layout (which means you don’t need _fg_width() as often). So you can say:

@include _fg(2 1);

This will give you a 2/3 column + 1/3 column in your layout.

It may not be “simplest” anymore, but it’s sure still pretty simple and is better now.

Play with it

Try changing the mixin numbers I set above (number of columns, width of box 1), as well as the gutter and padding variables.

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