Oregon / Deschutes County COVID Updates

The sheet below is automatically updated daily from the Oregonian’s dashboard at https://projects.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/. Update times depend on when OHA and the Oregonian get their updates done (including statewide hospitalization numbers, which tend to come in later). Please get in touch if you would like an http endpoint for fetching data programmatically or would like me to consider other updates.

  • Click “Statistics” (and wait a couple seconds) to view some lame graphs of the data. The Oregonian’s graphs are better.
  • Columns marked “Average” are previous-7-day averages of their respective data.
  • In the county tables, “Cases 7d” is a total of the previous 7 day total of cases. “Cases 7d per 100k” is the 7-day total of cases per 100,000 residents in the county.
    • Please note, the state of Oregon tends to use 14-day metrics for things like county risk levels. For me, calculating 7-day metrics feels more consistent with 7-day averages and totals elsewhere in the sheet.
  • I am tracking data for all Oregon counties, but am missing historical data up to 11/23/2020 for most counties.